Original Hammered Bands

  We hand forge these bands here in our studio.  People especially appreciate the fact that they are obviously hand made.  They are beautifully polished on the inside with a satin finish on the outside.  You'll find that they are not thin and lightweight and have a good heft.  They are our best selling gold bands for men.  Choose from white, yellow or rose gold.  We are not aware of anyone else offering bands like these but if you found something similar our prices should compare very favorably since we are the makers.

  We can also make these bands in different widths.  Feel free to request a price quote.  You can make a quick guess by dividing the price of a band by the number of millimeters wide it is.  This gives you a per millimeter price in a given finger size.  Multiply that by the number of millimeters wide that you are interested in.