Strellman's Mixed Metal 14K Gold Pendant with Your Gemstone Choice.

T. S. Brown Jewelry


This Strellman's pendant matches the ring on this page.  It is a 14K White and Yellow Gold mix with your choice of gemstone in a 7mm round size.  Pictured here with a natural white topaz.

Chains sold separately.  Click here to see our chains.

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also available with:

TZCreated Sapphire "Tanzanite"

created orange "Padparadshah" sapphire
created orange
"Padparadshah" sapphire

created green garnet
created green garnet

created blue sapphire
created blue sapphire

created pink sapphire
created pink sapphire

created ruby
created ruby

99/LM113PNDXWT  natural white topaz
99/LM113PNDXTZ  created sapphire "Tanzanite" 
99/LM113PNDXPD  created orange "Paradshah" sapphire
99/LM113PNDXGG  created green garnet
99/LM113PNDXBS  created blue sapphire
99/LM113PNDXPS  created pink sapphire
99/LM113PNDXRB  created ruby

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