(regular size) A Selection of Lighthouse Lens Cut Rings in 14K Gold

T. S. Brown Jewelry

Lighthouse lens cut rings with the regular (14x10mm) gemstone.  Pictured is a lab created sapphire that has been engineered to show a color change effect similar to Alexandrite when going from sunlight to indoor incandescent light.  It ranges from reddish purples to greenish blues depending on the particular light that you are in.  Also pictured is a created green garnet in 14K yellow gold.  All are available in 14K White or Yellow Gold.

also choose from:

Natural White Topaz
Natural White Topaz

Created Orange "Padparadshah" Sapphire
Created Orange
"Padparadshah" Sapphire

Created Ruby
Created Ruby

Shipped Free within 3 weeks in your size.

99/L103RRN(Y/W)AL (created sapphire alexandrite)
99/L103RRN(Y/W)WT (natural white topaz)
99/L103RRN(Y/W)RB (created ruby)
99/L103RRN(Y/W)PD (created orange padparadshah sapphire)
99/L103RRN(Y/W)GG (created green garnet)