Delta Cut Gemstone and Diamond Rings from the Strellman's Collection

T. S. Brown Jewelry

Finger Size
Brilliant 8.5mm Delta Cut gemstone and diamond ring in your choice of 14K White or Yellow gold.  The gemstones are set flush in the channel setting style keeping them low, making the entire ring very wearable.

also available with:
Created Pink Sapphire
Created Pink Sapphire

created ruby
created ruby

created orange padparadshah sapphire
created orange
padparadshah sapphire

created blue spinel
created blue spinel

99/D111RND(W/Y)GL  created green spinel
99/D111RND(W/Y)TZ  created sapphire "tanzanite"
99/D111RND(W/Y)PS  created pink sapphire
99/D111RND(W/Y)RB  created ruby
99/D111RND(W/Y)PD  orange "padparadshah" sapphire
99/D111RND(W/Y)BS  created blue spinel