Hamsa Sterling Silver Necklace

T. S. Brown Jewelry

Hamsa, meaning five, is a sign of protection.  The hamsa, in Arabic, and chamesh in Hebrew, are popularly used throughout the Middle East and now, all around the world by people of different faiths, as a protective amulet against evil. The symbol is variously called hamsa, chamsa, the hand of Miriam (the sister of Moses and Aaron), the Hand of God and the hand of Fatima (the daughter of Muhammad). The hand sometimes incorporates an eye, as is the case with this modern interpretation, and is believed to become doubly powerful as a result.

This pierced sterling silver five finger necklace with filigree and blue enamel is 1 1/4" long.  A sterling silver 18" chain is included along with a gift box and a detailed description card.

All designs are gift boxed.  Story cards are included that provide detail about the history behind each piece.

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