Mom In 10 Languages Sterling Silver Necklace

T. S. Brown Jewelry

Sterling Silver necklace inscribed with 'Mom" in 10 languages:

Mae/Portuguese, Morsa/Swedish, Moeder/Dutch, Mathair /Irish Gaelic, Mom/English, Mere/French, Madre/ Spanish & Italian, Mutter/German, and Matka/Polish. The word for mother is similar even the the languages are unrelated. Many believe this is because the sequence of vowels and consonant sounds are the first to be mastered by children and mother, of course, is the first word that most children speak.

The pendant is 1" in diameter and the included sterling silver chain is 18" long.

Made in the USA.

All designs are gift boxed.  Story cards are included that provide detail about the history behind each piece.

Free Shipping within 10 days if not in stock.


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